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  • Jining Xinxin Ultrasonic Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Industry-Xinxin Ultrasound

    —— 客户满意是我们的追求 ——

    Customer satisfaction is our pursuit

    This equipment is suitable for cleaning automobile turbine compressor shell and turbine shaft. The equipment is equipped with automatic conveying device, ultrasonic cleaning, high pressure spray cleaning, wind cutting and hot air drying system, and the cleanliness and dryness of the cleaned workpiece are high.

    This equipment is used for the automatic cleaning and drying of high-speed rail wheels and axles. It uses robots to load and unload, and the intermediate cleaning and drying links are automatically completed. It is mainly used for degreasing and drying before wheel and axle coating.

    The equipment is used to clean the parts on the rail transit. The workpieces are transported by robots, and the cleaned workpieces are treated with rust prevention.

    The equipment is used to clean the inner and outer walls of steel pipes with a length of 6 meters. The cleaning adopts ultrasonic cleaning + high pressure backwashing process. The equipment is equipped with a sewage treatment device, and the sewage is discharged after being treated.

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    Jining Xinxin Ultrasonic Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.  
    Address:High-tech Development Zone, Jining City, Shandong Province

    Please transfer the extension number to the business department 801.802.803.804
    Contact: Lin Manager  

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    Wechat consulting

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