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    Ultrasonic mixing tank

    Release time:2020-10-12    Reading volume 1889 second
    Reading guide:IntroductionDetailed parametersProduct introduction:Ultrasonic stirring tank is to add ultrasonic an

    Detailed parameters

    Product introduction:

    Ultrasonic stirring tank is to add ultrasonic and agitator in the tank body, under the combined action of ultrasonic and agitator to meet the requirements of mixing, dispersion or cleaning of materials. It makes the mixing of materials more complete and the cleaning of micro-powder particles more thorough. It is suitable for mixing, cleaning, mixing, dissolving, dispersing and toning of various materials. It is a multifunctional device with simple operation and strong adaptability.

    Main performance characteristics of the equipment:

    1: Principle of action: The stirring blade is driven by the power unit to rotate in a fixed direction; during the rotation, the material is driven to rotate in the axial direction and in the radial direction. The materials in the mixer have axial and circular motions at the same time, so there are several mixing forms such as shear mixing and diffusion mixing. It can effectively disperse, stir and clean materials. At the same time, the vibration generated by the ultrasonic wave, the strong mechanical force generated by the cavitation of the liquid, can peel off all kinds of dirt and pollution on the objects to be treated in the tank or make the materials fully dissolved, mixed, dispersed and cleaned in a short time.
    2: Volume: 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 600L, 1000L~5000L.
    3: Heating method: electric heating, steam heating, hot water circulating heating, hot oil circulating heating, etc.
    4: Design pressure tank = 0.2MPa 0.4MPa 0.6MPa 1.0MPa Jacket = 0.6MPa
    5: Agitator: anchor type, frame type, folding leaf type, push type.
    6: Mixing device: the top center mixing, the output shaft of the reducer and the shaft of the mixing paddle are connected by a loop, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
    7: Stirring speed: 15~120r/min (frequency conversion speed regulation).
    8: Tank body: polished inner surface.
    9: Upper cover: Two openable movable covers, easy to clean, polished internal and external surfaces.
    10: Material: SUS304 or SUS316L.
    11: When the equipment is used for material cleaning, the tank is equipped with an overflow device.
    12: Ultrasonic stirred tanks are more thoroughly cleaned and separated than ordinary stirred tanks, and the mixing and dissolution are more uniform.
    Note: Various non-standard products can be designed and processed according to user requirements.

    Detailed display

    Ultrasonic mixing tank
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